Top 10 Providers

  1. Newshosting
  2. UseNetServer
  3. NewsDemon
  4. Astraweb
  5. Easynews
  6. ThunderNews
  7. NewsgroupDirect
  8. Ngroups.NET
  9. Supernews
  10. Giganews

Users Online

Former Verizon Customers – UseNetServer is offering High-Speed Plus Usenet Service for $10/month!

Starting September 30th, Verizon customers will no longer have Usenet access as a part of their service. In response to this change UseNetServer is offering former Verizon customers a great deal on the UNS High-Speed Plus for $10/month for a full year. This plan includes unlimited downloads, 20 connections, Free SSL encryption, Global Search [...]

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Newshosting offers NXHL Usenet Service to former Verizon Customers for $13/month

On September 30th, Verizon will discontinue Usenet access as part of its service offering. In response to this change Newshosting is offering former Verizon customers a great deal on the NXHL plan for $13/month for a full year. This plan includes unlimited downloads, 60 connections, Free SSL encryption, Lightning Accelerator and Binary Retention that [...]

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Giganews Hits 400 Days of Binary Retention

It’s official — Giganews has hit the 400 day mark and is still going. This is good news for the industry as a whole, because it drives other providers in the same direction. And even better, Newshosting, UseNetServer, and NewsDemon are right on their heels, providing enough competition that Giganews can’t rest. Who benefits? [...]

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Easynews Launches Easyboost Download Acceleration Feature

Sept. 1, 2009 Press Release from Easynews

Easynews, the world’s original Web-based Usenet site, today launched Easyboost – a service feature that can significantly increase download rates from the Easynews member website. Easyboost uses a combination of TCP congestion control algorithms, proprietary software and purpose-built servers to optimize the TCP/IP throughput for downloads.

Through [...]

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Usenet Wars – The Battle for Market Share Wages On

This past year Usenet providers have taken powerful steps to increase their market share, which is great news for all of us. This battle has been waged on a number of fronts, some logical (meaning they provide a true benefit for users), and others that seem somewhat illogical or irrelevant. Here are a few [...]

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myCollections – Cool Application for Organizing Usenet Content

So, if you ever wonder how the hell you will get a handle on organizing all your Usenet content, check out myCollections! This is a great application that will help you organize downloads. @lifehacker has a good article on this.

If you are interested in learning more about Usenet to download content check out [...]

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Giganews Press Release: Giganews Usenet Breaks World Record Again with 365 Days of Binary Newsgroup Retention

Today, Giganews broke new ground by providing users with 365 days of binary retention in all 100,000-plus newsgroups. The accomplishment – a full year of binary retention across the board – is an industry first.

A full year of retention means that Giganews stores more of Usenet for a longer period of time [...]

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Giganews Breaks World Record @ 365 Days of Binary Retention

Giganews was the first Usenet provider to start aggressively growing the binary retention capacity for its customers to 365 days, and shortly thereafter all the other providers started similar “me to” initiatives. Now that Giganews has reached their initial goal the company announced today that they have every intention to continue increasing binary retention, [...]

Continue reading here Unveils HOT New Website with Increased Retention and Streams just launched a complete redesign of their website and have enhanced their plans to be extremely competitive. The Unlimited Downloads, Encrypted Access plan offers 30 streams for $19.99 per month with 50% off your first month at $9.99. The Unlimited Downloads plan has 15 streams for $14.99 per month, again with the 50% savings [...]

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Newshosting Announces More Groundbreaking Service Enhancements

July 16, 2009 – Newshosting today confirmed its position as the world’s premier provider of premium Usenet access with the announcement of even more service upgrades. Newshosting’s top-tier plan – NHXL – will now include 60 concurrent connections. Furthermore, the NH Unlimited plan will now offer 30 connections as well as 256-bit SSL Encryption. [...]

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