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FIXED :: NewsDemon Website Inactive?

Our site has been detecting errors when trying to reach the NewsDemon site since midday today. We’ve confirmed that we can’t reach the home page, or any of the deeper pages via links available in Google’s cached copy of the site. Would anyone at ND like to let us know what is going on, and when service might be restored? It’s no fun to see such a venerable provider go dark… if we don’t hear by morning, we’ll put in a call to the execs and see if we can get some… sorry… news.

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5 comments to FIXED :: NewsDemon Website Inactive?

  • So, two things — ND has a scheduled maintenance notice up now, and they’ve also been able to communicate that their newsservers are running. Which is great news… they’re good people.

  • NewsDemon is back up and running!

  • Mike

    Used Newsdemon for a year and found them excellent
    Started to get 502 authentication error 2 days ago
    Contacted them through Live Support which was always excellent
    They just let it time out each time (it disconnects after 4 mins)
    Sent them a tweet directly and got no reply
    After I complained in tweet about Live Chat, they put it offline
    Spent yesterday following them again
    Got through to Live Chat twice
    Was assured my account would be reset within 25 mins
    Here I am today, 2 days later, with no access still!!!
    Just spoke to 3rd guy on Live Chat now
    Said to wait 20 mins again
    Asked him what the issue was, told him how unhappy I was and how disappointed I was after recommending them numerous times to people over the last year and he TOTALLY ignored my questions and comments, just repeating to me to check again in 20 minutes!!
    I will NEVER use them again.
    Their treatment of customers is absolutely DISGRACEFUL
    Obviously something has changed there, maybe new owners, I don’t know??
    Ultimately, if you read this, do NOT go near Newsdemon!!!
    You will regret it if you do

  • I’ve used Newsdemon a lot and have found them to be great. Their service is great and they provide reliable usenet access for a good price. All of the usenet providers have their pros and cons but you just have to give them a chance and weigh your options.

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