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Serious (and Unnecessary) Difficulties with Fatcow Hosting

Folks, I want to apologize for any difficulties you’ve had loading our main site,, for the past 17 hours. Fatcow performed a router upgrade last night, and managed to break some aspect of their PHP and MySQL functionality, which underlies some of the neater features on our site, including our dynamic updates of Usenet providers’ retention statistics.

I’m sorry to say that the Fatcow Tech Support has been disappointing so far, especially since we had this same problem on June 12th. Between the earlier occurrence of this issue, and the fact that preserving settings during a router upgrade just shouldn’t be that hard, I’m strongly considering moving the site to a new hosting provider. I will also post full logs of my tech support interactions so that you can decide for yourself if the support I’ve received is appropriate. I’d like your feedback on this point.

Also, as far as new hosting providers are concerned, I’d really like root access, chron jobs, high speed, strong features and administrative panel, and perhaps most important, incredible tech support, by which I mean (a) they know what they are doing, and (b) they are accessible.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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