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Newshosting's New Website Launch and Usenet Video Series Rocks!

Navigating the world of Usenet has definitely become easier in the past few years – the introduction of better newsgroup search capabilities, more capable newsreaders, and NZB files – all these things have helped. Still, navigating newsgroups can be a trial by fire for newer users. But at least one forward-thinking Usenet service provider (and one of our favorites) is taking steps to lower the learning curve and bring the advantages of Usenet to a larger audience. Today – Monday Nov 2, 2009 – Newshosting is launching a cool new website with an intuitive video series that will definitely be of great help to beginning Usenet users. These videos demonstrate how to configure and use a newsreader to surf your favorite newsgroups, what you need to do to download your favorite content, and how to post information to the Usenet community. The improved website also has an enhanced support page that goes into additional details on newsreader set-up and how to measure data traffic flow using a traceroute tool.

Newshosting is clearly one of our favorite Usenet providers. This website redesign and video tutorial series really sets this provider apart from the rest in terms of offering new users the training and support they need to access the wealth of content on Usenet newsgroups.

For more information on Newshosting click here. If you are convinced and want to purchase now, click here.

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