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Easynews Launches Easyboost Download Acceleration Feature

Sept. 1, 2009 Press Release from Easynews

Easynews, the world’s original Web-based Usenet site, today launched Easyboost – a service feature that can significantly increase download rates from the Easynews member website. Easyboost uses a combination of TCP congestion control algorithms, proprietary software and purpose-built servers to optimize the TCP/IP throughput for downloads.

Through months of Beta testing, survey data shows that using Easyboost with the Fast4 method accelerated downloads with Easynews HTTP connections by an average of 100%. 88% of all Beta users experienced accelerated downloads by at least one of the five Easyboost methods. Effects are most dramatic for users with higher latency connections.

Easynews will offer this feature at no charge to all existing, loyal users. For a limited time, new subscribers can experience the Easyboost feature free of charge. Later this year, Easyboost will be available to new subscribers as an add-on feature for an additional monthly fee.

For a limited time, Easynews is offering a 14-day free Usenet trial. Register now to test the new Easyboost feature by visiting

About Easynews:

Easynews is the world’s original provider of both Web-based and NNTP-based Usenet access. With over 15 years of service, Easynews continues to provide premium, secure Usenet access to netizens worldwide. The unique, intuitive and proprietary interface hosted by Easynews eliminates the necessity of any third-party newsreader clients. Subscribers are able to search, preview and download files directly from their Web browser. This comprehensive Usenet access provides Easynews members fast, secure and easy connections to an unlimited number of interactive multimedia groups on virtually any topic, world-wide.

For more information regarding Easynews or the Easynews service, please visit Customer support is available 24×7 at

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